Business Administration

You’ll never look at business administrators the same again. Now if I were to tell you that your secretary or business administrator could have your management job in the next year, would you believe me?

You see, there’s the common misconception that office staff are just office staff and they’ll never amount to anything more. Somehow your eyes don’t see beyond them bringing you, your documents and scheduling meetings on your calendar.

Their role however as a business administrator plays such a critical role in their lives and yours that you really should pay more attention. A Bachelor's degree with eight to ten years’ experience can qualify to get a Master's in Business Administration which is a higher degree of qualification than some managers I know.

The role they play day to day through planning, organizing, scheduling, and most importantly managing your affairs is equivalent to a championship’s belt in some circles. These wonderful minds can bring order through the chaos and thinking on their feet for quick problem-solving strategies. You see, they were born in this and adaptability kept them alive.

Business administration is so much more than answering phone calls and scheduling meetings. It goes deeper into work ethics.

  1. How to answer the phone… posture, sit up straight and speak with a smile on your face.

  2. Basic courtesies such as Pleasant Day, much appreciated, many thanks, looking forward to hearing from you again soon. This encourages your client to go the extra mile because you show personality and values.

  3. A clean desk space doesn’t mean you aren’t doing any work, but a jumbled space keeps your mind jumbled and when guests are visiting, they can tell a lot about your character from just looking at the items you keep close on your desk.

  4. To-do-list should never go on for more than a week. The only exception is if there’s a follow up where you haven’t been able to contact the person or that it’s a long-term project. Any other excuse just shows you up as being delinquent with tasks and your efficiency can be questioned.

It’s many simple tasks that help make a huge project a success, be proud of your duties and tasks and perform them with the same enthusiasm as if they were the last. It’s good practice for managing stress levels later down the road.

You see most people take education enhancement as a joke, or the company is paying so I’ll just sit through it. The truth is when you dedicate yourself to any task than can you truly appreciate the beauty of it. Just like having your first flower bloom, you know the work you’ve put it and maybe others don’t. But what you do know is the beauty it brought forward with patience, time and wisdom for all the world to see.