Potting Soil

Usually, when planting a seed, we don’t stop to consider the factors surrounding its growth and well-being. We take for granted the optimal conditions necessary for this seed’s life to continue and flourish or maybe even bring forth fruit and produce. We have this uncanny sense that anything we throw outside unto the earth will eventually grow and if it doesn’t, we don’t stop to think why?

Our lives can sometimes be described as little seeds of hope and faith, being wildly scattered to the earth’s ground in some expectation that we may grow. The thing is, though according to where our seed lands, that environment has total control over our germination. Not only does the environment play a huge part of our existence but other determinants such as the sunlight, the soil’s pH balance, regulating water we receive and the pot we’ve been placed in.

A seed may not require direct sunlight to push forward and emerge, but after using up the energy stored within, the plant will require sunlight for photosynthesis to take place. It’s the same with us humans, we need a certain amount of healthy energy to make things happen positively in our lives. It may not always be what you eat that nourishes you, sometimes your soul and mind crave a higher sense of spiritual food.

Water is also such an essential part of life and anything living that we wouldn’t survive without it. Seeds need water to help break down their shells and allow them to connect with the soil they’re placed in. The thing is we can be placed somewhere but with no watering taking place we will never grow. You need to know if the surrounding people are helping water your seed or are they leaving you out in the desert to die?

Last, there’s this saying about thinking outside the box. How many of you even know if you’re in a box or a pot? How about the size of this pot and are there any weeds or other plants in there fighting for your space? You see your pot can be too small and your roots would have already started to encompass the area leaving you with nowhere to go. Your pot could also be compromised and filled with other parasitic plants that draw your essence day in and out. You don’t deserve to be in there and find a new place for your roots to spread.

Some of us are like the Chinese bamboo plant that doesn’t show any visible sign of growth for the first year. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require the same nurturing watering and tending to, but after that year has passed, these amazing plants grow eighty feet in just six weeks. Life can be like that sometimes when you continue to invest in yourself and your dreams and there’s no sign of growth. Don’t take it personally, there will come a time when you find yourself sky high and people will ask how did you get there?

K-Centric Business Solutions believes in building foundations the right way. Our clients are unique and individual, they deserve tailored services to suit their needs because we all weren’t made the same seed. For service that’s personal or designs that connect with your audience, we’re here for you.