We are all living beings of this planet called earth and as we go about our daily missions; we do so without recognizing the changes we go through or start. I want you to think back five or ten years. Would you recognize that version of yourself? Did you like that version of you? Now many things could have happened that caused you to become who you are today, but the lesson I want to share is being aware as the process occurs. 

Butterflies aren’t born with beautiful wings, just as the ugly duckling that grew into a magnificent swan. They had to go through a change process that was triggered by their bodies. The process would have been painful and enduring, but by sticking with it and not giving up they can embrace their transformation. That is the power of breakthrough and overcoming these obstacles that shape us into greater beings.

The investment of time and energy towards desired results is the only way to achieve the beauty you want to see. Take, for example, an old rocking chair or broken wind chime. One can provide comfort while the other can produce wonderful melodies. The rocking chair can be sanded, and stronger pieces of wood put in to make it sturdy, and it can be varnished and made brand new. The broken wind chime maybe just requires untangling and retreading before you can hang it up again.

Simple fixes that take a little time and dedication. You see not everything that is broken needs to be discarded. You need to change your perspective and find beauty in everything. The sentimental value or hidden treasure you may possess without knowing is definitely worth exploring.

This week I encourage you to take a second glance at the things and people around you. Maybe you have a knack for fixing things and this will be your way to develop it. Try restoring at least one item, or investing time with someone who needs it. See if you can notice the change. We are after all just transformation agents helping each other out.