Twin Flame

It’s hard enough to meet your soul mate in real life not to mention meeting your twin flame. A twin flame can be described as a mirror of yourself. As we gain a higher level of understanding of ourselves, we can manifest a deeper consciousness our soul splits in two. It causes us to be wandering the earth until destiny should have it you meet your second half.

When this phenomenon occurs, you will feel as though everything has suddenly fallen into place. It’s a calm settling experience where you can exist in the space with this person and not have to mutter a word. There would be no awkwardness about it just a mutual existence in each other’s presence.

Now as much as there are calms to every storm, a twin flame isn’t to be confused with a lover. They were mirrors of yourself, good or bad, your major weaknesses or your greatest strengths.  They affirm the truths in your life because they can see beyond your boundaries; they know you and they also want the best for you.

Their mission is to disrupt you and cause you pain, as part of the process to encourage growth, transformation and cleansing, so don’t get mad at them. Plus, once they enter your life there’s no getting rid of them that easy, you’ll both be in and out of each other’s lives until you’ve both healed completely.

Now imagine that a scenario like this exists with one of your competitors but you consider yourself good friends. It’s possible that you fuel each other’s desire to be better and more efficient than the other. Now if you change the perspective and instead of constantly competing you embraced one another, the chances of your odds increasing against the wider markets would be greater.

As much as building a name for yourself and your company is important it’s also important to acknowledge when you need to collaborate on projects. If your word is true and honest, then you shouldn’t have any obstacles but don’t sell false promises to someone just to gain their innermost secrets for your business gains.