What is vision if not the ability to see what's directly in front of us? Yet how many of us still walk around with "eyes closed". Is it not our mind then, playing tricks on us or our soul that is truly blind by the happenings around us. Or maybe we have conditioned ourselves to not feel the pain and hurt of this world by accepting the bare minimal of what's within our peripheral line of sight.

They say that one cannot simply expose the skull and see the mind. We all perceive to know where our thoughts are manifested and it's the general direction of our heads, but our mind knows, no space or place. We are feeling beings that think, spiritual beings allowed the chance at a physical experience. Our brain is a processor and only meant to calculate and analyze the most difficult situations and tasks, it's not meant to store our "over thinking thoughts."

The gift of feeling, combined with the calculating skill of what we believe to be right or wrong in our hearts and soul sets us apart from the other species on this planet. To be given the mantle of discernment and perception towards other beings help make or break real life situations, according to how it is carried out.

Seeing where you are and believing where you need to go is all a visual exercise. Basic logic and sense proves that if you can't see what's ahead of you, the possibility of you stumbling once or twice and falling down is high. Therefore, we all need a vision to project ourselves into the future of our story. You need to see where you want to go, then you can figure out how to get there.

Most battle plans start off this way, the general commands the troops into one area and as the lay of the land becomes clearer, they factor in the enemy's elements of defense. You can only become engaged by being actively respondent to the factors on hand. If you don't take a leap of faith you'll never know what could be or what should have been.

As 2020 settles in around you, don't waste your precious time on things that don't benefit building yourself. The same way that last year flew out the window, so will this one and you don't want to be unprepared. Ask yourself these questions and create your 2020 Vision Board. Set yourself free by giving yourself direction.

  1. What goals did you have in mind? (write down what comes to mind, and put a date next to it)

  2. Where do you see yourself? (if you had everything you needed, financial freedom, health, where or what do you see yourself doing?)

  3. Do you think there is a way for you to achieve this? (once you've narrowed down where you want to be, let's figure out how to get you there.)

  4. Would spending the time and effort on these things be rewarding or make you happy? (if it doesn't make you happy you need to find out what does, if it does make you happy move on to the next question)

  5. What things take up your time on a daily basis, where could you have been putting things in place to do what you love? (we usually get in the way of ourselves by making excuses and saying things are impossible. I'm telling you it isn't, but the things that do end up stealing our energy and time you need to delegate or get it out of your way)

Great, once you've completed the questions above, you now have a general idea of where you are and where you ought to be heading. It's okay to feel scared, fear is triggered when we try to move outside of our comfort zone. We'll take it step by step though and bite what we can chew. Now, all you need to do is pair the visual representations of the information you've gathered and stick it on your vision board. You can place this in a private place, only for your eyes to see. Trust me you don't want everyone knowing what's your plan and next move.