Smoke Screen

If ever you were caught in a burning building or room, your fight-or-flight survival instincts would kick in. All you would be able to think about is getting out, your safety, and the safety of others you love. You would just try your best to get out of the dire situation.

The sensation of having your eyes burning, that panicked feeling that you can’t breathe or get enough air into your lungs, the scorching heat tearing into your sensitive skin with no protection. You’re thinking there’s no way out or you’re just not sure as yet.

This is not a situation I would wish on anyone neither want you to find yourself caught in between. As business owners and entrepreneurs, mothers and fathers you need to have a plan for your home and your business. Things need to be thought through before disaster hits, be proactive, so when an emergency comes around you won’t be panicking on the spot, you can lead your people and yourself to safety.

It’s also important to note that some people put up smoke screens and pretend that their house or business is on fire just to get information. You need to be aware of what people will do just to win. Don’t compromise your integrity, remember what you stand for but be smart about it too. When faced with the dynamics of a competitive market you should be able to discern the vulnerability of your business among the other players.

As long as you can determine your strengths and weaknesses and benchmark against your competition you’ll know how to diversify or which areas to focus on what's going to bring you above the bar. The key to successful businesses is protecting what you value the most and not giving in to pressure. So as long as you stay focused and determined on what you need to do, you’ll get it done and fulfill your destiny.