Wants Versus Needs

I don’t believe that a time ever existed in your life where you didn’t want or need something. Truth be told we outgrow things, and some people just continue wanting and wanting. Now there’s a huge difference between wanting and needing something, but I don’t think that us humans have the discipline to differentiate.

If you say you want something, anything, this can fall into any category of wanting to taste, touch, feel, smell or see. It doesn’t mean that this experience is good for you or bad, it’s just something you want because you want it.

If however, you say you need something, then that means your life can’t go on without it. For example, you need air to survive,  and water and other vitamins and minerals that can sustain your body.

People have been confusing their wants and needs because they tell themselves that they “need” these material things when in fact they don’t. They’re just trying to satisfy an urge or deficiency within themselves by purchasing these unnecessary items.

Now they may not be entirely to blame because when marketing and advertising wraps up a product and makes it look so enticing you tell yourself you “need” to have it, and how has your life been carrying on without it thus far. These are the things that businesses don’t always tell you. The end game that they sell is convincing you the customer to make that purchase.

Being an entrepreneur, you want to stand out and you need to discern what your business needs as opposed to what people tell you your business wants. Otherwise, you’ll end up in debts by purchasing liabilities that can’t take your business further. Just be careful, and always double question yourself. “Do I want this or do I really need this?” You’ll be surprised at how much you can save when you figure that out.